ARV PAC’s vision is to keep our country prosperous, strong, and great by promoting God loving and God Fearing good leaders who would serve our nation with integrity, honesty, and loyalty to preserve and secure our core American values. ARV PAC believes that ‘We the People’ are one nation under God and we must always continue to trust in God to keep America on the path of grace and righteousness to get His blessings. We the People must continue to play our positive role in keeping our country safe and strong.


ARV PAC’s mission is to strongly bring sincerity and authenticity to establish a great platform to support great leadership to serve all Americans by raising their real voice, building a better future, striving for prosperous country, and standing for our nation’s core foundational values. ARV PAC believes in offering a unique experience for all Americans by providing the support to best candidates who can serve our nation with integrity, honesty, loyalty and trust in God.