My vision is to make Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, a better, safer, stronger, cleaner, workable, and a desirable place to live and work. My emphasis is on lower taxes and smaller government’s regulations for strengthening our communities and working families with a specific focus on the issues of senior citizens, veterans, working families, and people with disabilities, small business owners & students. 

I strive to make lives of all the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania residents safer and secure by providing full support and cooperation to neighborhood residents, community leaders, faith based institutional leaders, small business owners and great police officers to preserve the quality of life for all of us where we can live a happy life and raise our families in a safer environment to fulfill our American dream. America needs unity and equality right now. I want to unite people to reduce violence and crimes through community engagements to find common sense solutions of our problems with insights from all the stake holders. United, safer, and secure Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and stronger America is in every one’s best interest, and that is what I intend to achieve thru establishing ARV PAC and uniting us.

I intend to optimize and utilize our resources to create and secure technology, trade, and energy-related jobs since Pennsylvania is the nation’s second-largest natural gas producer. Also, advocating for small businesses, working families, jobs, school choice, family values, America First policies and fighting for seniors, veterans, students, people with disabilities and supporting our communities and Police officers will be my priority.

God bless you and God bless United States of America…!

Founder & President
American Real Voice | PAC
Philadelphia, PA