Meet our President | Aaron Bashir

Aaron Bashir is a well-known political leader who ran in 2020’s election for the Office of State Representative in PA District 172nd. Aaron Bashir believes that we need good representatives that will support our ideas, fight for the needs of our community, and earn our respect by serving us with integrity and honesty. As a dedicated and committed person to this cause Aaron Bashir and his team believes in promoting the political leaders and candidates who truly care for us and would serve us wisely and efficiently focusing on conservative values.

Who is Aaron Bashir?

Aaron Bashir is a proud American patriot and a strong Christian. Aaron is a survivor, an educator, a teacher, a professor, an entrepreneur, a community activist, a husband and a father of three children. In the year 1999, Aaron was diagnosed with a severe Aplastic Anemia, a life-threatening disease of blood that required bone marrow transplant. However, in the absence of a bone marrow transplant facility in Pakistan when his family lacked financial and medical resources for his treatment, he was miraculously healed by the supernatural power of the good Lord Jesus Christ. Since then Aaron understands the value of the precious gift of life and his higher calling to serve others with a passionate heart especially his country the United States of America.

After migrating to the United States in 2001 and becoming a U.S. Citizen in 2006, Aaron has worked hard to fulfill his American dream like most of us. He has earned his MBA degree from Lasalle University and a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University. Aaron has also earned his Associate degree from Community College of Philadelphia. 

Currently, Aaron is working on his Ph.D. at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Aaron has worked in various positions such as a ‘Financial Accountant’ at the ‘City of Philadelphia’, an ‘Adjunct Faculty Member’ at ‘Community College of Philadelphia’, an ‘Entrepreneur’ at ‘Saima Home Care’, and a ‘Real Estate Investor’ at ‘Mister King LLC’ in addition to being an active member of Philadelphia community.

Aaron Bashir continues his efforts now with a strong determination to use his miraculously saved life, higher education and professional work experience to serve his city and State of Pennsylvania with a passionate heart to serve all regardless of the color and creed.

Vice President | Ashbal Arooj

Meet our Vice President Mr. Ashbal Arooj who is the Co-Founder of American Real Voice PAC. He has been actively working beside Mr. Aaron Bashir helping with political campaigns, meetings and fundraisers since 2020. By profession Mr Arooj holds a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology and has over 17 years of Aviation experience. Mr. Arooj strongly believes in God, family values and uplifting his community. He loves this country as a true Patriot and wants to promote and support passionate, God fearing, genuine leaders as politicians who would serve our country by keeping America & American people first in everything that they do. He also believes American Real Voice is a blessing from God which is a platform for everyone to raise their voices and concerns through our PAC.